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The Keurbooms Estuary is one of the most beautiful examples of an estuary along the coast.


Our qualified skippers and guides will point out and identify the rich diversity of bird life occurring along the river, the ‘nursery’ areas for many fish species, the specific habitats of the land mammals, and the intricate workings of the indigenous forest.


We have been operating on this river for over Twenty years and have accumulated a vast knowledge of the area, not only the plant life but also on our bird life of which we have three of the most sought after birds in South Africa. When the opportunity arises we will position the boat for you to gaze upon these sightings with such awe that we will make a birder of you, if you are not one yet. This is the information we impart with you, on your magical five kilometer journey up the Keurbooms river.


Once our 5km destination has been reached, we stop on a natural formed river beach. This break in the journey affords you the time to explore this intriguing forest up close, with a leisurely stroll through it and then feel what it is like to be dwarfed by four hundred year old yellowwood trees and over eighty other varieties of indigenous trees, draped in a carpet of lichen or better known as old man’s beard.


Should you prefer, you may relax on the white sandy beach and enjoy a morsel or two, accompanied with an ice cold beverage and then let your skin feel the rest of the pleasures that your other senses have been enjoying with a refreshing swim in silky soft amber waters.


This awe inspiring journey is only a bird call away from Plettenberg Bay.


The boats depart every day, each journey is only two and a half hours of pure pleasure for people of all ages, including those of us who are physically challenged. We can accommodate large groups.


This forest and gorge experience is only accessible via the pristine Keurbooms river estuary so join us on a memorable journey and come and feel a part of what is left of a once mighty forest. This is what the garden route is all about.


Keurbooms Ferries Daily Tours



Keurbooms River Ferries abide by the rules of Western Cape Nature Conservation as a river cruise operator. 

The ferries are registered with the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) and abide by all the laws and regulations regarding safety equipment on board.

All the skippers are SAMSA qualified. All guides are SATOUR registered and have undergone a training session with Cape Nature Conservation. 

All the ferries are fully insured with public liability. The crewmembers have undergone a valid First Aid Training course.

Each ferry has a carrying capacity of 20 persons. (Two ferries)


Bathroom facilities are available on the riverbanks.


Jackets are advisable in the winter period. Hats and a bathing suit in the summer period.


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