About Us

Keurbooms River Ferries boat tours, are an unforgettable experience, and a wonderful excursion for the whole family. Take a relaxed tour up the Keurbooms gorge that is thousands of years old, and lined with ancient indigenous forest.

The Keurbooms Nature Reserve, is home to over fifty bird species. The incredible natural surroundings are paired with a narrative of fifteen years of experience, as we travel the river to give you a complete picture of your surroundings.


We are a young dynamic company dedicated to providing our clients with interesting and factual information. In a friendly and entertaining manner, whilst maintaining a commitment to the very best in service and value for money.


The Keurbooms Estuary is one of the most beautiful examples of an estuary along the coast. The headwaters of the Keurbooms River come from the Langkloof, north of the main Tsitsikamma Mountain range.

The Keurbooms River flows for a distance of 60km, whereby 12km is navigable by boat, and is made up of a tidal flow.

The Keurbooms River Nature Reserve stretches over a distance of 2500hactres.


Experience the majesty as the Ferries glide over shimmering waters, through souring gorges of the unspoilt Keurbooms River Nature Reserve.

Celebrate an eco-experience and savour the sights and sounds unique to this splendid area.

Surrounded by cliffs of Table Mountain Quartzite (TMQ) to which indigenous flora cling precariously. Stop and hear the sounds of lyrical birdcalls and view our mammal species from this majestic river.

Our qualified skippers and guides will point out and identify the rich diversity of bird life occurring along the river. The ‘nursery’ areas for many fish species, the specific habitats of the land mammals, and the intricate workings of the indigenous forest.

Once our 5km destination has been reached, we stop on a natural formed river beach where you are able to explore the forest up close by strolling through pristine canopies of towering Yellowwoods, and other indigenous trees. Where after you can relax on a soft sand beach, touched by tranquil amber waters in which you can refresh yourself before our return to civilization.